We Stand Alone

Elcast Lighting stands alone in its commitment to creating uniquely designed luminaries for Architects, Lighting Designers, and Lighting Specification Engineers. We provide the best value in architectural lighting products, listed for indoor and outdoor application, with unmatched quality and performance.

• Precision durable aluminum
• Corrosion resistant
• Finished with a variety of standard and custom colors and textures
• Engineered for quick installation, life and low maintenance

We are committed to development new products that blend technologically advanced designs and materials, and accommodate the latest in light sources. Benefiting from 35 years of experience.

Our Story

The history of Elcast Lighting is a metamorphosis of three different companies, each providing experience and knowledge in the development of lighting products. Owner, Bob Lurski first received a degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in crane and elevators. He then began his career manufacturing parts for obsolete equipment, which was utilized with company manufacturing cookware.

This early position led Bob to open his own company which specialized in producing the highest quality cast aluminum crepe and omelet pans. Bob’s clients included Neiman Marcus, Crate & Barrel, Lord & Taylor, Abercrombie & Fitch (outdoor outfitters), Macys, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Utilizing the knowledge of casting, the next step was to open a company that made gravity permanent and die cast molds. Bob’s second business supplied the largest companies in the country with well-known 12×12, 9×9, and 6×9 castings for HID lighting along with die castings for an Exit light company located on the Eastern seaboard. During this stage, Bob also set up a partnership fabricating castings for a motorcycle manufacturer.

These prior experiences provided the knowledge for Bob to take on his next role as founder of Elcast Lighting. The preparation of surfaces to prevent corrosion and the use of casting to develop proper heat management, important to LED, are used to craft the high quality and unmatched performance of Elcast products.

Bob and his team are proud to serve you.