Our Services

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Lighting Solutions

We provide the best lighting solutions, are easy to work with and offer the path of least resistance for modifications, variations and signature designs.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Our strengths are high quality craftsmanship and performance designed with materials for reduced maintenance and long life.

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Value Engineering

In addition, we can make recommendations for proposed or retrofit of existing projects with value engineering our primary concern.

Elcast Lighting, Inc. facilities include tooling, fabrication, machining, painting and assembly all at our central location in Addison, Illinois.

Join our locations illuminated with customer safety, security, value and maintenance in mind.


A robust cut off pathway/marker luminaire replaced existing fluorescent fixtures.


  • better illumination
  • reduced power consumption
  • less maintenance
  • greater life of fixture
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Minimize light pollution for wildlife conservation.

Sea turtle populations are threatened by several effects, one of which is artificial light. Light pollution is detrimental to the nocturnal behaviors of sea turtles as it compromises their choice of nesting sites as it deters turtles to leave the sea to nest. Artificial light also disorients hatchlings and may misdirect them from the natural colors and visual clues of the horizon and instead lead them toward dangerous commercial areas.

Elcast Lighting provides LEDs with a long-wavelength light that minimize light pollution considered safe for sea turtles. The materials we use are developed to withstand harsh coastal conditions.